Working Together to Launch Albuquerque

Seeking Accelerators, Incubators, Development Groups, Classrooms, & Community Partners

BowTie is partnering with the Albuquerque Department of Economic Development to help local developers, startups, and entrepreneur launch and scale.

How can ⋈ Help? can take your projects from Idea to Tangible Product.

⋈ Bowtie Licenses for Members

Powerful Hosting

Offer premium hosting licenses to your members as we look to support local startups. Allow your members to focus on developing the production while we deliver the product.

Hands on Training Events

"Teach a man to"

Bowtie will provide hands on traning and support sessions to get things going. With these events your members will be ready to go live with a powerful framework designed to ship products quickly.

Marketing and Project Promotion

Proudly Built on

We love to share the exciting projects people build with Let us help showcase the work your members are doing as we share the power of

Ongoing Help & Support

Committed to Project Success

Bowtie will provide your members with ongoing support. Whether fixing a bug or scaling your app, we are committed to seeing projects through to success.

Partner With Us

BowTie is actively seeking organizations, educational groups, and companies interested in bringing the power of BowTie to its memebers. If you would like to explore the benefits of BowTie for your organization, please let us know.

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