is proud to be partnering with the city of Albuquerque to bring powerful web hosting to local startups and entrepreneurs. With powerful user management, payment processing and marketing tools, allows startups to launch quickly and scale with grace.

Through our partnership with the City, Bowtie is able to provide licenses and support to the growing tech ecosystem in Albuquerque. Through partnerships with Accelerators, Community Resources, and Educational Facilities, we are looking to build on existing resources and offer this wonderful support to as many members of our community as possible. If you know of an organization with members that would benefit from, please let us know!

About BowTie

With you can quickly launch secure websites and applications with built in features to grow your business. Developed and grown in Albuquerque, offers the most powerful, easiest static web hosting platform anywhere.

We believe in a world where shipping feature-rich static sites is easy, site security is commonplace, and developers are allowed to focus on their ideas rather than the cruft that gets in the way of execution.

Whether you're using a template or rolling your own frontend, BowTie helps you deploy powerful sites with zero-configuration tools - user registration, payments, admin control - complemented by a no-hassle backend that can scale with your ideas.

BowTie is a great learning resource for students and new developers. Our framework provides a platform for rapid experimentation, encourages best practices, and enables students to ship more complete applications with less effort.